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The secret 2 creativity is knowing how 2 hide your sources.

                                          •••Albert Einstein

adolfo gustavo martinez

artist • muralist • designer


My world & I would never be complete if it were not 4 some incredibly beautiful souls that have graced my life & I want them 2 know how I feel.

•  •  •  •  •

MOM-Don't know where I'd be without you. Thank you 4 raising the woman I am.

DAD-You amaze me everyday & I wish I had HALF of the "Chutzpah" you have.

BABYCAKES-I would be so empty if I were not able 2 share the LOVE we have.

TCM-Because of you, I am happy 2 be surrounded by love, chaos, laughter & knuckleheads.

M&M-I wish we were neighbors & I could raise my family with you ever so near. Love you so much.

FGM-I am grateful 4 you, your prayers, your wishes & dreams, & 4 your singing.

VH-The beauty that you bring in2 my life compares 2  no other. You are so special.

DW-My awesome ZBFF! Never met another Z freak like me, except you! THANK GOD!

CBS-My oldest living friend, distance may separate us but glad you've hung around 4 45+ years.

TMT-I cannot say "Thank You" in enough languages 4 putting up with my antics.

EDM-Thank you for believing in our friendship & in me. You are priceless 2 me.

AS-We don't spend enough time 2gether but, I can feel your love & prayers. Miss you.

EJM-I have so many great dreams I want 4 you but you are doing perfect all on your own.

RAO-The only baby boy that I've loved since the moment I saw you enter this world.

KD-You have become a bright inspiration 4 me & I am trying everyday 2 follow that light.

AGM-My respect 4 you as an artist is infinite & I "Thank You" 4 trusting me with your vision.

MS-I never see you, we never talk & I miss the free & creative spirit that I chose as my Maid of Honor.









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