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People don't write letters anymore. & I can include myself in that statement. I remember when I was a young girl, I would have the time of my life sending & receiving letters from my cousins in New York. I had pretty stationery, colorful stickers, pens & pencils in every color & even went so far as 2 order return labels with cute & cuddly kittens on them. My letter had 2 be complete or it wasn't worth sending. My Mom would drive me 2 the post office so I could walk inside (no drive thru 4 me) & drop it in the "Stamped Letters Here" slot in the wall. & then I would wait... & wait... & wait... 4 a return letter. It came, just never soon enough. When I grew a little older, I'd ride my bike 2 the post office 2 mail my letters, but you see what I'm saying? It was what we did. We wrote letters, we communicated, we corresponded, over long distances & vast breeches of time, we stayed connected through & through, no matter how far. & when a friend from elementary school moved 2 Germany, writing letters got even more interesting. The paper we would use was almost as thin as onion skin. This was 2 acommodate as many pages as you needed without incurring the extra price in postage due to heavier thicker paper. Cool!!

These days, with the outbreak & spread of the technology plagueof email, text messages & video chat, our communication is immediate & in real time. Don't get me wrong, immediacy has its advanages, but I must admit, I miss the mystery of the "Stamped Letters Here" slot, where just as the envelop left my fingertips, the wonder & amazement began as 2 where it was, where it was going, how long before it arrived & of course, when would I receive my reply.

I felt this was a good subject 4 me today, because I have a letter 2 write. Actually I don't have 2 write a letter, but I want 2. There is no sparkly, glittery art or Blue Mountain poem in any Hallmark store that could convey my feelings at this time, so let me see... hhmmmm... where is my pretty bejeweled box where I kept my most precious of stationery papers & envelopes??? I'll go dig it up from the bottom of my desk drawer, & how 'bout you go find some paper & a pen & explore once again the mystery of the "Stamped Letters Here" slot by writing (& mailing) a letter 2 some1 dear, 4 old time's sake....???

Meet you at the post office... inside.

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