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Yes, TGIF, the mantra 4 the last day of the week. If you're like many working Americans, your workdays begin on Monday & end on Friday, so by the time that last day arrives you are already projecting yourself in2 the fun &/or relaxation you will be experienceing on the weekend, namely Saturday & Sunday. But what if you don't work a standard work week of Monday through Friday, then what day should you be grateful 2 see coming your way? And if you are like many other working Americans that 4 what ever reason do not have a job, do not work due 2 being disable or are stay at home Moms/Dads, should the day that you clammer 4 be the day that the rest of your family returns 2 work & you are finally rid of them & look forward 2 some peace & quiet around your abode?? Personally, I feel we need to expand on the TGIF abbreviation just a little bit. Since it was God that brought us the seven days of the week, as he rested on the seventh day, I think TGIF should be updated 2 read TGIFSSMTWT & this we we can show our appreciation 4 every day of the week. Afterall, everyday holds a miracle to be presented to us, everyday we should wake and "Thank God" 4 another beautiful day in out midst. Every new day gives us the beauty of sunshine, of rain, of kind words, of hugs, of family, of laughter, of good food, of friends, of happiness, that is if you want all these things. When you open your eyes each morning, that is the perfect time to "Thank God" 4 everyday ahead of you, 4 who you are & everything that you are capable of doing & 4 everything you have...


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