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Ahhh, Saturday night, Date Night!!! But, it wasn't always called Date Night. It's not until you grow older, have a job that offers you insurance, some car payments, maybe even a mortgage & a committed relationship or 2, that Saturday night became Date Night. Preceding all of these grown up events, when you didn't have a care in the world, Saturday night was just Saturday night, in fact it never even had a name, its was just the night that you looked forward 2 all week. Early Saturday you may sleep late (if no 1 woke you), if you're young you would wake 2 watch cartoons, little leaguers may have practice or games, if you were of driving age you would wash your car 2 get it ready 4 Saturday night, if you were old enough 2 have a job you may relax, no work 2day (hopefully), basically Saturday was a "do what I want 2 do" kind of day. If you were lucky enough 2 have children & you're the Mom half of the equation, your Satur-DAY could be spent cleaning, dusting, organizing, washing, drying, folding, etc. Dad's Satur-DAY's are filled with running around, house fixing, car fixing, oil changes, lawn mowing, watching sports, all that kind of manly stuff. But then Saturday night rolls in & its time 2 get ready 4 Date Night. Mom makes herself extra pretty & Dad spruces himself up, he might even put on a nice hat. You'd never know their Satur-DAY was so busy with drudgery because now they look like totally different, beautiful people. Mom's & Dad's look forward 2 Date Night whether it be 4 drinks, dinner, shopping, quiet walks, sweet talks. Date Night can consist of anything the couple agrees on. And it doesn't have 2 be every Saturday. Doesn't even have 2 be Saturday, any night is good 4 Date Night. Just as long as they can get 2gether & enjoy some 2gether time like preceding all those grown up events, when they didn't have a care in the world.

Ahhh, what nice night.

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