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A trip 2 the pediatrician's office is a true test of 1's patience. If you're sitting there with your sick child, then it feels as if the clock never moves. You don't want 2 get 2 irrate because you can understand you're not the only 1 in the waiting area who needs 2 be seen, & of course your child is no more well or no more ill than the next child. It just makes you wonder why bother making an appointment. If you're appointed time is 11am 2 be seen & your child is not called in 2 the inner sanctem until 12:30pm, you must wonder who is 2 blame, the patient/parent, the doctor or the staff?? Once they call you & your child in, of course they must weigh & measure 4 height, take blood pressure readings & direct you 2 room number whatever, where you wait 4 possibly another half an hour to 45 minutes. Ironically, when your child is seen by the doctor, it usually will take no more than five 2 seven minutes & they're out the door. Don't get me wrong, many doctors take the time 2 examine your child thoroughly as well as ask many questions leading up 2 their diagnosis of the child's condition. Those doctors are usually the ones fresh out of med school & they really care. From my experience, after many years of giving medical attention 2 others, there comes a fine line that is crossed & all bedside manner & true caring is lost. So after 2 hours & 22 minutes, you exit the doctor's office with a prescription 2 drop off the your local pharmacy, which will most likely cost you an arm & a leg, & a feeling in the pit of your stomach like after all that time, something is missing, like you've forgotten something. Yes, what you've forgotten is 2 drop your experience put in2 words in2 their "How Can We Improve Our Office" drop box.

I don't know, maybe make house calls like real doctors used 2?

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