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Growing up as an only child makes you think that all other kids are only children like you, so when you come 2 the realization that other kids have brothers & sisters, well somewhere you can only wonder WOW where are mine? As I got older, it didn't take long 4 me 2 come 2 the conclusion that I was a very lucky child. I could have what I asked 4, & usually got what I wanted, not because I was an only child but because I was a good child & my parents rewarded me 4 being good & doing good in school. I could have had 2 siblings but my Mom lost them very early in both those pregnancies, so it is my way of understanding, it just wasn't meant 2 be. From my perspective as an only child, I used to tell my Mom, 1 child doesn't really make you a parent, you just don't qualify. & having 2 kids is just 2 even, 1 4 him & 1 4 her, it's too even. As a teenager & an only child, my take on things was that you needed 2 have at least 3 children of any gender 2 be able 2 qualify as a parent. 2 me, at the time, 3 kids could bring enough chaos in2 the home 4 total qualification of male & female parenting.

Well careful what you project, it could turn up in your future. Yes, I have 3 children, 3 beautiful children, 3 smart children, all female, affectionately known by me as my "Girlz". Talk about chaos, talk about not having it even in 1 4 him & 1 4 her, oh my Goodness, these 3 have honed their loving skills in2 a tag team of huggies and kissees. I mean they know what they are doing & do it very well. They do get alot of what they want, obviously not because they don't have siblings because they do, but because they are good Girlz, & my husband & I (like my Mom) believe in rewarding their good behavior & their doing very well in school. We are very blessed to have built the family & foundation that we have & if we could, 3 Girlz is not enough, we would have had more.

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