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Creativity can be very costly, some1 else's creativity, that is. If I had a nickle 4 every time I heard, "I wish I had a creative mind like you do, I can't draw a straight line."Who ever said you need 2 be able 2 draw a straight line 2 be creative or artistic or original is some1, I guarantee, who uses a straightedge.

The image above is my case in point. This is a piece I was commissioned 2 do 4 some1. This happens 2 be a very creative piece & an extremely original idea & I did not have a hand in any of it, but I am most proud of this piece than many others I've done.

1 afternoon, 1 of my Girlz teachers came 2 me with a very unusual request. She reminded me that her daughter had given birth almost a year ago 2 a beautiful baby girl & that her daughter had saved all of her "onesies" & wanted 2 know if I could put them 2gether in the form of a baby's blanket. Now, whenever I get a request 4 any type of artistic piece, I immediately get a vision of what I feel the piece should look like or an idea of the person's vision of what they want me 2 do. This time was no different. I could see a sea of baby "onesies" sewn 2gther in the form of a baby blanket & my daughter's teacher & her daughter were holding it & smiling!! Well I told them I wasn't sure how I was going 2 do it, but I was willing , as always, 2 give it my best creative effort.

Soon after, I was given a bag containing about 30 or so baby "onesies" & thought, "Oh my Goodness, what have I gotten myself in2??" Well, I took a couple of days 2 look over the garments & began piecing them 2gether, but without sewing them. I couldn't wait 2 get going on this incredible project, so I took those"onesies" & I placed them on my huge dining room table in over 100 different configurations, &... NOTHING! My brain was dry. So rather than just start 2 do anything & not be content about it, I wrapped them all up in the bag & put them away where I couldn't see them.

3 weeks passed, & I thought about them, & thought, & thought, & thought but never took them out. I just kept moving the "onesies" around in my mind & then 1 night while watching TV I had a major epiphany. I jumped up, ran & took out the bag, cleared off the dining table & began placing these cute little 1 piece outfits out on the table & the configuration of these garments just flowed from my hands as if I was being guided & not actually placing them on the table myself.

Soon enough, I had them perfectly how I wanted them, color coordinated 2 my surprise & all. Now came the job of attaching them 2gether. I knew I wanted the sewing 2 show like big "X's" but with what?? OH wait, I can sew them 2gether with a beautiful yarn, in a dusty rose color. & not single, double, I'll double up the yarn so it looks really chunky!!

'TIL THIS DAY... I have no idea whose wonderfully bright idea that was. Could not have been mine. In theory, & in my mind, the idea was a must. There was no was around the look it was going 2 give me. That was the look I was after. In reality, it was a nightmare!! There wasn't a needle that I owned that could handle fat, fluffy yarn & doubled up as if I had nothing else in the world 2 do but solve this mystery.

Finally, I came up with the answer. Now, let me just say this now in full defense of myself. I DO NOT SEW. There I said it, It's true. But, I can "Mickey Mouse Side Step" anything until I have my desired results. Now the answer: a boat canvas needle, A BIG BOAT CANVAS NEEDLE. The threading hole is large enough 2 JAM a doubled-up heavy yarn through it & the "pointy" side looks like, uuhhmmm, well it looks like a harpoon, a little tiny harpoon. This is the type of needle used 2 sew heavy canvas sails on2 boat masts. Yep, that was mystery solved & what I used. Once I got going on it, I couldn't stop. I was obsessed. & my mental vision was appearing be4 my eyes. It still wasn't easy. It was an easy answer but still physically very hard 2 work with. But I was determined. It was a good determination that turned in2 a great 1-of-a-kind piece. I have deep holes in my dining room table pad 2 prove it. My husband still can't figure out what those holes are or where they came from. Hhmmm...

The flip side was covered in the softest of wintery blizzard fleeces in the same dusty rose color of the yarn. *NOTE: Fleece was NOT doubled up. Socks were added to the 2 opposing edges as "fringe".

This did take me about a month or more 2 complete, but I was given plenty of time 2 have it done 4 their grand daughter's 1st birthday. I presented it 2 them before the big birthday took place & I was very happy 2 do so.

Now here's a question 4 you: How do you put a price on a vision? How do you put a price on mental research of how you want the piece 2 ultimately look? How much do you charge 4 over 100 configurations tried be4 you get 2 the right one? How do you put a price on the discovery of a BIG BOAT HARPOON CANVAS NEEDLE? What's the price of interpretating some1 else's idea? All of these questions were running through my mind as I gave the lovely new Mom her daughter's "onesies" that she saved 4 almost a year & then I put 2gether as a baby blanket 4 her daughter that will be cherished, hopefully, 4 years & generations 2 come. Yes, those questions were there as she asked me the price of doing this 4 her. Those questions disappeared as I whole-heartedly & happily shook my head no & told her it would not cost her a dime. That It was all her idea, all her doing, all her vision & that I was just the luckiest person 2 have crossed paths with her Mom as my Girlz teacher & was able 2 interpret her vision in2 real, touchable, loveable warm fruition. I could not have been happier 2 have been chosen 2 do this 4 her. 2 date, it is most likely my favorite piece of all. I put my heart & soul & all of my Love in2 this design, & I think it shows very well.

& lastly, 1 very important detail that I almost overlooked was that as we were walking away ready to say our goodbyes & go home, the New Mommy handed me a small, delicate envelop like the kind of stationary get at a very expensive homemade paper shop. I thanked her & tucked it in my purse. When I got home, I remembered her envelop & opened it. My Goodness, what a surprise of a loving hand-written note as well as an amount of cash that I never expected!! I called her straight away & told her that she did not need 2 go so far, but that I was more than appreciative of some1 recognizing my talent & its worth. She was more than gracious with what she gave me & I was honored.

PS-People try 2 "put a price" on these inanimate ideas, but you can't. You cannot put a price on what's in your soul.

Do you have an idea rolling around in your head of something you would like, just now sure HOW??? Ask me, I'd LOVE 2 help!!

Like all of my designs, this is a 1-of-a-kind piece & will never be duplicated.

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