Well, so far, YES, so good!!! What I mean is that I've done a pretty good job keeping up with my blog. I know I CANNOT let it go 4 even a day, if I do I'll never return. I did miss, I think, 2 days, but I was determined not 2 let it go. I will be going out of town this week coming up, so I may GIVE MYSELF a little blogging vaca. I'm sure I'll be missing it, but blogging on my mobile devices instead of my Mac is not as effective. Some stuff just cannot be done & I wouldn't want to short change my audience, if I have an audience. Speaking of having an audience, if there is any1 out there that is following my site or my blog, let me know. Drop me a line, email, text, something. It will give me some incentive 2 continue my writing. 4 me the writing, the blogging, can be & is theraputic. There's a good reason right there, but it helps to have a listener on the receiving end. If you're out there, give me a shout out!! If you're not..... oh well, I'll still be here.