If I had my druthers ([druhth -erz] noun, Informal. 1. one's own way, choice, or preference: If I had my druthers, I'd dance all night.), I would spend all my time or as much as possible exploring my creative side. That is the true me that I've come 2 know & love in my latter years.

I didn't really know I had it in me, until I got older. In my younger years, from childhood thru 2 teenager, I knew my preferences revolved around my artistic side. I didn't think I was very good, but I loved it & truly that's what mattered 2 me. I was 42nate enough 2 always work in a field of art. Map Inker, National Mail Order Catalog, Mom & Pop Design Shop, Display & Trade Show Booth Design as well as personal invitations, party favors, business cards, logo design, signs & banners, flyers, 1 of a kind greeting cards, etc.

These days, in my older & wiser years, I have come 2 the realization that there is nothing I can't do, artistically speaking. I get a vision in my mind of what I want 2 design, & I stop, research & plan what its going 2 take 2 have my piece come out like the vision in my mind. A lot of the time, I am plesantly surprised. Sometimes I find it hard 2 believe, saying 2 myself, "WOW! I Did THAT!!???

But the bottom line is, I wish I could do more of my art, more of the time. It is my sanity. It is my quencher. It is what keeps me going. It is my heart. It is my soul. It is what God gave 2 me 4 me, & lucky 4 me I like 2 share.


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VISUAL DISCLAIMER: The 2D images contained herein do not do justice to any of my pieces.

They need 2 be seen in person 2 truly be creatively appreciated. Contact me 4 an appointment.

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