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Is there ever enough time in 1 day? Enough time in 1 month? What about enough time in 1 life time? I guess it all depends on what your plans are. If you've no definite plans 4 yourself, then is when it seems you have all the time in the world on your side.


When you begin 2 plan, 2 look ahead with great certainty on what you want 2 achieve & which path you need 2 take 2 get there, it is then that you begin 2 hear the preverbial clock tick louder & louder as each minute goes by.

I know 4 me, being a wife, mother, volunteer, designer & all around probem solver, there is definitely never enough time in my day 2 accomplish what I write down on my 2 do lists. So what do I do, I just keep manually transferring my 2 do lists from 1 day's list 2 the next, & be4 I know it, I need extra time 2 organize my 2 do lists. I find this drudgery 2 be pointless. A 2 do list should be a fast jottting down of quick thoughts & whatchagottado, am I right? If I need 2 now schedule time 2 organize, catagorize & redo my 2 do lists, 2 me they are no longer 2 do lists. They've now become an entry on their own list, most likely...


4get the 2 do lists. Just live life. Do what you can, when you can, as you remember. If you 4get something, big deal. You see, this is a detail you learn as you get older & older. Things & lists become less important & people & life become much more important. Time with friends, dinner with family, those are what our lists should be made up of & not... get an oil change, return the house slippers or pick up Ms. Smith's mail.

So, on that note, go get your pad and sharpen your pencil, let's see what should be first on our list... hhhmmmmm... I know...

#1 NO MORE LISTS (starting tomorrow).


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