Every child is an artist. The problem is how 2 remain an artist once he grows up.

                                                                                                •••Pablo Picasso

"Coverz by EMF" came in2 existence

1 eve when I had a great image of my young daughter & thought, "Wow, that would make a great magazine cover!" So that's just what I did, I put her on

a cover. I came up with a catchy magazine title, wrote all the ficticious copy as a sneak peek 4 what's inside, photo retouched the image & wah-lah (!!) my very first "Coverz by EMF",


Here are some other great "Coverz by EMF" I have had the pleasure of designing. If you don't see 1 you like, give me an idea of how I can make your loved 1 shine. I have many new ideas 4 "Coverz by EMF" & would love 2 showcase you or a favorite person in your life.

4 all your design needs...                                 ...no creative idea 2 small

VISUAL DISCLAIMER: The 2D images contained herein do not do justice to any of my pieces.

They need 2 be seen in person 2 truly be creatively appreciated. Contact me 4 an appointment.

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