90 days & counting until their return, October 11th. The Walking Dead on AMC. I find it pretty ironic that it is nearly impossible 4 me 2 end the life of a buggie of any kind, little or big, that has infiltrated my home BUT... I have always had an eerie affinity with spooky movies, slasher films, & now thanks 2 the originator, George Romero, the world of the Zombie Apocolypse. I can't understand where it comes from, all I know is I love them & watch all the horrible gory details, eyes wide open & I usually have a smirk of a smile on my face. But don't switch over 2 the Discovery Channel & show me an actual operation of some sort with surgeons & sutures & someone hooked up 2 a monitoring machine. My stomach begins 2 turn, I get light-headed & feel like I'm about to pass out. Go freakin' figure?!?!